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The earliest information I have regarding the Gould’s dates back to 1786 and the birth of John Gould, my great, great, great, great grandfather. This information comes from 1841 Census which shows the family below provided to me by Shirley Gardiner in Nov 2008:

John Gould - 50
Mary Gould - 40
Edward Gould - 25
Thomas Gould - 15
George Gould - 15
Eliza Gould -13
Ruth Gould - 11
Sarah Gould - 8

At present I only have details for one of these children. George Gould, born sometime in 1825. He was christened in St Andrews Church on 25th August 1825. In 1848 he married Martha Smith, born in Isle of Wight, in St Andrews Church, Enfield, Middlesex, picture below. Shortly after the marriage in 1850, George’s father, John passed away. This was on the 18th November.

St Andrews Church, Enfield

St Andrews Church

I only know of 4 children born to George and Martha, there maybe more. All are born in Enfield, Middlesex, Emily around 1852, William around 1853, Henry around 1857, Susan around 1860.

I mentioned that they were all born in Enfield. Well this is taken from 1881 census. However when looking for birth of Emily on Free BMD, I could not find any between 1850 and 1855 born in Enfield. However there was one born Mar Quarter 1852 on the Isle of Wight. As mentioned earlier her mother Martha Smith originally came from there, so maybe she went back home to have her child. For future reference the ref is vol. 2b page 486, if a copy of birth certificate is needed.

William born around 1853 is my great, great grandfather and on 19th May 1875 he married Laura Hope Farrall, who was born at sea in 1852, and who is covered in the Farrall section later. The certificate shows William’s employment as a Labourer, but at some time he was a Fish Hawker (seller of fish) as this is shown on his death certificate, following his death at Napsbury Hospital in London Colney. Edward Granger and William’s sister Eliza Gould, witnessed the marriage.

The Couple would have 6 children and the first to arrive was Laura Emily Gould, my great grandmother, born 29th August 1875 in New Southgate, London. She was christened at St. Pauls church, New Southgate, London.

Laura Gould

Next followed 3 sons, William Harry Gould, George Edward Gould, and Thomas Gould, born in 1877, 1878 and 1881 respectively.

In 1881 the family are shown on the census as living at 6 York Terrace, New Southgate and William’s profession is bricklayers labourer.

Dwelling: 6 York Terrace
Census Place: Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Source: FHL Film 1341339 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1391 Folio 53 Page 9

Mar Age Sex Birthplace Rel: Occ:
William GOULD M 29 M Enfield, Middlesex Head Bricklayers Lab
Laura H. GOULD M 27 F At Sea Wife
Laura E. GOULD 5 F New Southgate, Middlesex Daur Scholar
William H. GOULD 4 M New Southgate, Middlesex Son Scholar
George E. GOULD 2 M New Southgate, Middlesex Son
Thomas C. GOULD 4 m M New Southgate, Middlesex Son

Meanwhile William’s father and mother are still alive and also living in New Southgate. Children Emily, Henry and Susan are still with them as well. Below is the 1881 census for them.

Dwelling: 24 Palmers Green Road
Census Place: Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Source: FHL Film 1341339 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1391 Folio 56 Page 16

Marr Age Sex Birthplace Rel: Occ:
George GOUD M 56 M Enfield, Middlesex Head General Labourer
Martha GOULD M 60 F Isle of Wight, Hampshire Wife
Emily GOULD U 29 F Enfield, Middlesex Daur
Henry GOULD U 24 M Enfield, Middlesex Son Bricklayer
Susan GOULD U 21 F Enfield, Middlesex Daur Gen Serv, Cook
Alice GOULD U 1 F New Southgate, Middlesex Granddaur

Thanks to Amanda Durrant we do now have some more details regarding the young Alice shown as George's grandaughter. Alice's middle name was Susan, and her birth certificate shows her mother to be Mary Susan Gould. An easy search through the IGI found a Mary Susan christened at Saint Andrews Church, pictured above, 15th January 1860. This date ties in exactly with the age of Susan Gould shown on 1881 census above and the record shows the parents to be George and Martha Gould, so the two people must be the same and must also be the mother of Alice.

Alice was born in 1879 at 18 Palmers Green Road, a few doors down from her grandparents. She married William John Hunt from Kensington, London in 1898. They had 5 children, Albert 1899, Nellie Matilda May 1902, Ivy, Lenard and Gladys. Birth years for the last 3 are not yet known. Amanda tells me that her father said that his grandmother, Alice, was a kind proud lady.

Meanwhile, Alice's mother Susan, by the age of 31 married Jeffro Chapman. This informantion is supplied by Shirley Gardner in Sept 2007. They are shown together on 1891 census living at 22 Palmers Road. Jeffro is head of Household, and living with them are his children Frederick 14 born Cambridge, Albert 9 born Cambridge, Minnie and Lilley - 4 born in New Southgate and Charles 1 born in New Southgate. How many of these children are Susans I do not know at present. Alice Susan is not with them on this census, she is shown as a visitor at Kirkdale Terrace. Mary Susan had two other brothers Charles and Harry.

The photo below, supplied by Brian Cockram. Brian is the grandson of Lilley (full name Lilian) who married Harold Shillito in 1915. Alice is the one in the hat and Lilian is next to her.

Gould Sisters Lilian and Alice

Some more information on Jeffro again provided by Shirley, is that he was born 1852 and was a Coprolite Digger as was my great great grandfather Thomas Harris. Strange that Thomas son and Jeffro both married Gould's from New Southgate.

So back to William and Laura Gould. Another 2 sons would follow the 1881 census, Alfred John and Frederick Adolphus in 1883 and 1886. On the 1891 census the family can be found at 8 Stanhope Terrace, Friern Barnet.

Dwelling: 8 Stanhope Terrace
Census Place: Edmonton, Middlesex, England

Marr Age Sex Birthplace Rel: Occ:
William GOULD M 34 M Enfield, Middlesex Head General Dealer
Laura H. GOULDM 37 F At Sea Wife
William H. GOULD 14 M New Southgate, Middlesex Son Scholar
George E. GOULD 12 M New Southgate, Middlesex Son
Thomas C. GOULD 10 M New Southgate, Middlesex Son
Alfred J. GOULD 7 M New Southgate, Middlesex Son
Frederick GOULD 5 M New Southgate, Middlesex Son

Interesting to note here that William has only aged 5 years from the last census 10 years ago. Wonder what he was hiding then or at his wedding. His profession is now shown as general dealer.

Just around the time of the census, Williams father George passed away. He was 66 and his death is recorded Mar Qtr 1891 Gould George 66 Edmonton 3a 242.

On the night of the 1891 Census, Sunday 5th April Laura Emily, now aged 15, is shown as being at 21 Doncaster Terrace, Oakleigh Road, New Southgate, the home of her mothers sister, Emma Phoebe Dickens Whitney, nee Farrall. Why she was there we do not know, she may have just been visiting or may have left home, we do not know and probably never will, because by the time of the next census she is married.

On 3rd June 1895 Laura Emily Gould marries Harry Harris and so this is where the connection of the Gould family enters into my family history. On the wedding certificate the first witness is Laura’s Uncle Samuel Whitney, whose house she was staying at on the night of the 1891 census. Her parents are not one of the witnesses either, so this might give us a clue as to whether she had left home, or maybe she was just very close to Samuel.

The other witness is Laura’s sister in law, Adelaide Tester, who married Laura’s brother William Gould. I have also subsequently found out that the Parish Church referenced is in fact St James, and this was confirmed by the Barnet Registrar in 2001.

Details of her marriage with Harry Harris are covered under the Harris section, so I won’t repeat them here. Interesting that next door on the 1901 census, at number 16 are the Gould family, Laura’s brother William is head of the household, with his wife Adelaide, daughter Ethel, and William’s brother George.

Also in 1901, Laura’s auntie, Emily Gould born 1852 is still single and appears never to have married. She is shown on the census living in Southgate, Middlesex and has her occupation as Parish relief & Brothers Support.

The Harris’s and the Gould’s would live in and around Palmers Green Road for many years and would have strong links between them.

George, mentioned above, living at number 16, kept pigeons and was nicknamed Scroggins.

Another interesting story was that of Laura’s younger brother, Frederick Adolphus Gould, nicknamed Midget. He kept a donkey and on one occasion when he could not get it through his side alley, and neighbour, Mrs. Crouch said, "bring him through my passage" (inside). Halfway through, the donkey apparently bore right and went upstairs, doing his business on the way, much to the amusement of his young nephew Len Gould. Len, nicknamed later "Japhet", was still known to laugh even when he told the story late into his 70's.

William, my great, great grandfather, passed away in 1915 in Napsbury Hospital, London Colney at the age of 62. Napsbury was a echelon-style mental asylum, designed in 1900 and opened in 1905, surrounded by grounds in informal style designed c.1902 by William Goldring


The photo below shows the Goulds taken on what looks like the start of a Pub outing, not sure of the date but probably after the turn of the century. Starting 3rd from left we have George, Frederick (Midget), Alfred, Thomas and William. Not as marked up on the photo.

gould Pub Outing

To finish the section on the Gould I was given a few sheets of the company headed paper on a visit to see Shirley Gardiner in May 2003. It shows that they had a haulage business working out of 2 Palmers Road. Shirley thinks this is around the 1940’s.

Gould letter head

John Gould Descendants Chart