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The Halfhead family came from Haynes in Bedfordshire and are connected to my family through marriage of Mary Halfhead’s to Isaac Harris from Meppershall, who between them had Hannah Harris who married Thomas Harris from Shillington.

The oldest Halfhead we have is William Halfhead born in 1686. At this point we think the family surname was in fact Heathfield and at some point, maybe at Hannah's time above the name changed to Halfhead. Her birth certificate shows her mother as Mary Harris - formally Heathfield.

Anyhow William was born in Haynes, Bedfordshire and married Ann around 1702. All I know here is that they had one son William born 7th March 1712. Sometime around 1730 William married Mary and in 1752 they had son John Halfhead.

John was also born in Haynes and married Ann Geaby. Not sure of the date but they had two sons that I know of. Joseph 1795 born in Campton, Bedfordshire and George born 1802.

I am descended from Joseph. He married Sarah Robberds in 1814 in Haynes, and these two are the parents of Mary Halfhead mentioned in the first paragraph above.

A family Tree of 5 generations from William Halfhead can be viewed by clicking the link below.

William Halfhead Family Tree 5 Generations