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Most of the information below is provided very kindly by Laurna McKie in March 2010. Her family descends down from Anthony born 27th Oct 1745 and she is therefore 6th cousin 1 time removed of my wife.

Laurna provided details starting 1760 with Patrick McGuffog, previously I only had information from 1843 onwards.

Patrick McGuffog married  Jean Wallace. Patrick McGuffog died around 1760 at Laigh Synnyness and his wife, Jean died at Synnyness on 2 Dec 1755. Patrick, we think came from Ireland but settled in Wigtownshire and the family descended mainly in the Kirkmaiden area.

Kirkmaiden is a parish, but there is a tiny hamlet of roughly 6 houses and the church which is also known as Kirkmaiden.  However, in most cases when Kirkmaiden is mentioned, it refers to the parish.   Also, in most cases, the first place name given such as East Muntloch or Balgracie, refers to a farm and the farm cottages.  

Patrick and Jean had the following children:

  1. Alexander born 2 Apr 1734 in Laigh Synynness. Alexander married Margaret Rhodie and they had a family of 5. 
  2. Margaret born 2 Apr 1734 in Laigh Synynness.  Margaret married Andrew Torborn and so far I have 2 sons for them.     
  3. Jannet born 5 Aug 1737, in Laigh Synnynness.  She married Patrick Blain and had at least 3 children.
  4. William  born 20 April 1740 in Laigh Synynnes, Glenluce, Wig.   He was a woollen weaver.
  5. Anthony born 27 Oct 1745 at Laigh Synnynness.  He married Jean Campbell.
William born 1740 married Margaret McCulloch. William & Margaret lived at Auchneight along with William’s brothers, Alexander and Anthony and they all had their families there.  I believe they perhaps leased the farm.  I know that there were other McGuffogs there who could have been cousins.

They had the following children:

  1. Sarah McGuffog, born 11 Aug 1778, Muntloch, Kirkmaiden, Wig.
  2. Elizabeth McGuffog, born 7 July 1780 at Auchneight, Kirkmaiden and I believe she died at 5mnths of age.  However, there is a chance this Elizabeth married a James McLelland and had a son, Anthony. 
  3. Margaret McGuffog, born 17 Sep 1782, Auchneight, Kirkmaiden.  She married a Ploughman, John McGaw and they had at least 3 daughters and 1 son.  One of the daughters, Mary, married a John Loch and I have all the Loch descendants down to the modern day.  Margaret died 17 April 1861 at Balgowan, Kirkmaiden.  She had Accute Bronchitis.
  4. Janet McGuffog, born 11 Sep 1785, Auchneight, Kirkmaiden.
  5. Mary McGuffog, born 24 July 1788, Auchneight, Kirkmaiden; died 8 years later.
  6. Agnes McGuffog, born 15 October 1794, Auchneight.
  7. William McGuffog born 1797

William McCuffog married Jannet Clannochan sometimes referred to as McClannochan. William is a shoemaker, and they were married on 18th May 1826. William McGuffog was born 19th June 1797, Auchneight (Farm Cott), Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland and died 10th December 1879, East Muntloch (Farm Cott), Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland. Janet Clanachan  (sometimes recorded as Mclanachan) was born 1800, and was baptized 25 Jan 1800, Old Luce, Wigtownshire, Scotland. She died 10th Nov 1868, East Muntloch, Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland. She was daughter of David Clanachan & Margaret Clanachan (they were possibly cousins).

William and Jannet had 7 children:

  1. Margaret, born circa 1826, Glenluce, Wig, Scotland
  2. Janet McGuffog, baptized 28 July 1828, Parish of Inch, Wig, Scotland. She was an outdoor worker and a Domestic Servant, who never married but had an illegitimate daughter, Elizabeth, in 1865, who sadly died 4 months later.  Janet appears to have lived with her parents for most of her life.  She died 8 Feb 1889 at Knowes Cottage, Kirkmaiden.
  3. David McGuffog, baptized 24 Feb 1831, Parish of Inch. He was an Agricultural Labourer and Contractor, he never married and died 12 Oct 1884, Cardryne (farm), Kirkmaiden, Wig.  He died of TB.
  4. Sarah McGuffog, baptized 3 June 1834, Inch, Wig. Sarah was a farm worker & House Servant.  She never married but had an illiegitimate son to Farm Worker, Peter Rodger.  Their son, James Clanachan Rodger, was born 17 July 1865 at East Muntloch. James worked as a Byreman and he married Emily MacKay Robinson, the illegitimate daughter of Annie Robinson (no father named), on 9 January 1905 at the Manse in Kirkmaiden Hamlet.  James changed his name from Rodger to McGuffog and as with many cases, McGuffog morphed into the name McGuffie.  James & Emily had a daughter, Sarah Jane McGuffie Rodger, on 12 Dec 1908 at Balgracie in the Parish of Leswalt, Wigtownshire. James died on 9 June 1929 at Balgowan, Kirkmaiden with double pneumonia.
  5. Jane McGuffog, baptized 9 Aug 1836, Inch, Wig.  She was an outdoor farm worker
  6. Mary McGuffog, baptized 1 Mar 1839, Inch, Wig.  She too was an outdoor farm worker. Mary never married and died of TB, 2 May 1884 at Cardryne, Kirkmaiden.  Laurna wondered why so many McGuffogs never married and discovered that one of them, and she thinks it was Mary, is recorded in a Census as being an imbecile.  People were scared that this gene could be passed on to the children and inherited, which meant if a family had someone in the family who was slow or ‘stupid’,  most of the siblings never got the chance to marry.
  7. Elizabeth, born circa 1846 in Inch, Wig.  

There was another McGuffog recorded in a census.  The name looked like Helen, and she was just a young child, however, I believe this could have been the illegitimate daughter of one of William & Janet’s daughters.

Elizabeth McGuffog born in Inch about 1843, is the one I am interested in and on the 7th October 1875 Elizabeth marries John Craig in Kirkmaiden, by this time her mother Jannet has passed away but father is still alive. Details of this marriage are under the Craig section.

There is much confusion at present in actually finding out information about her; it is not helped by the census information retrieved. On all census she says she was born in Inch, however I have been unable to find any Elizabeth McCuffog born in Inch, in fact on 1851 census for Inch there are no McGuffog's in the Village. The next problem we have is her age On 1881 she is 41 on 1891 she is 45 and on 1901 she is 40. Maybe she always wanted to be 40. I am certain I have the right family as her son William is 2 on the 1881 and on 1891 son William is 12.

So she is unlikely to be 41 on 1881 census as she would be 51 when giving birth to Elizabeth Craig. It is more likely that in 1881 she was 35, in 1891 45 years old, and in 1901 she was 55, which would put birth as 1846. I searched for birth in Inch of Female McGuffog from 1553 to 1854. There are only five and no Elizabeth's. Only Janet 1828, Jannet 1830, Sarah 1834, Jane 1836 and Mary 1839.

Of all Elizabeth McGuffog’s born from 1553 to 1901 there are 28. 20 of which are before 1836, too old to be her and 4 are after 1875 so are too young. This leaves the following:

1854 - Kirkmaiden - 21 when married in 1875. 37 on 1891 census

1845 - Pennighame - 30 when married in 1875. 46 on 1891 census

1859 - Dumfries - 16 when married in 1875. 32 on 1891 census

1860 - Kirkmabreck - 15 when married in 1875. 31 on 1891 census

We know she married in 1875 and on 1891 census aged 45 as this is the clearest copy of the three. However on receipt of her marriage certificate it states she is 32 and therefore born 1843 and should have been 48, did this lady actually know how old she was? It has proved the most troublesome thing to overcome, maybe in time some new evidence will emerge to finally confirm that it is her and how old she was. So, at present the one in Penninghame looks favorite but it is 20 miles from Inch, and I am not convinced.

January 2010 - Well I think we can now rule out the Pennighame one thanks to Laurna McKie, who confirmed by email to me, that our McGuffog's are a totally different family from the Pennighame McGuffogs., well only in that no connection has been found so far.