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The Seymour's appear in my family history through our Beach family, when William Beach married Susan Seymour. Much of the information contained here is thanks to Louise Cook.

Susan Seymour was born around 1860 and was christened at Weld Chapel in Southgate on 9th August 1863.

Her father Benjamin was born in Aspenden, Hertford in 1838 and he was christened there 6th January 1839. He died in 1905.

The earliest Seymour is John, born early 1700’s. He married Sarah Gregory 6th Dec 1756 and we know of 2 sons and a daughter. John Seymour and Mary Seymour are two of the children, the 3rd was Thomas Seymour born in 16th Jan 1756. He married Ann Harrison on the 24th Nov 1783. They had 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls. In order of birth, James 1784, Alfreda 1786, Ann 1787, Charles 1789, Thomas 1792, William 1799, Charles 1799.

The Charles Seymour born 1799 is the one we are interested in and he married Susan Mott on 26th August 1821 in Aspenden, Hertford. They had 8 children, 4 Boys and 4 girls. In order of birth Charles 1825, Daniel 1828, Edith 1831, Susan 1833, Maria 1836, our Benjamin 1838, Henry 1842 and Jane 1845.

John Seymour Descendant Chart