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The Steven’s family, are traced back to Kent, I think to a place called Ridley, just south of Dartford. Sarah Steven’s was born around 1842, according to her ages on the 1871 1881 and 1901 census. She married William Jones on 1st January 1866. We have a copy of the wedding certificate, as shown in the Jones chapter earlier on, this shows her father to be William Stevens. Her witness were William Stevens and Jane Stevens, this could have been her father and mother or her brother and his wife, or a number of other possibilities.

From searching the IGI there is only one christening of a Sarah Stevens between 1838 and 1842, and this is one in Ridley, Kent on the 1st May 1842. Furthermore there are only to registered births for a Sarah Stevens in Kent, Mar 1842 volume 5 page 21 in West Ashford or Jun 1842 volume 5 page 99 in Dartford. Dartford is very much closer to Ridley than Ashford is so I guess this should be the first certificate to be ordered.

So taking that the Ridley christening as correct, remember this is only an IGI record, I then searched for other Stevens, in the Ridley area. Obtaining copies of the birth certificates will probably lead to some more certain information, but for now I have found and assumed the following;

Pinden Stevens was born in 1769 in Ridley, Kent. He married Mary. I have found 2 children born to this couple, Mary Stevens, after her mother, born 1803 and christened in Ridley 5th June 1803. She was followed by a brother William, born 1811 and christened 3rd February 1811 again in Ridley, Kent.

This William, married Anne. This Anne I think to be from Wrotham, Kent and her surname I think was Hunt. This was assumed from the fact that Sarah Stevens IGI christening record shows Anne as her mother, and there are no other records of a William Stevens and Anne marrying in Kent around the right time. So the wedding I found was 15th December 1834.

The couple had 8 recorded children. All christened in Ridley, Kent.

Family Group Sheet

Subject* William STEVENS (944)

Birth* __ ___ 1811 Ridley, Kent.
Baptism: 3 Feb 1811 Ridley, Kent.
Marriage* 15 Dec 1834 Ash by Wrotham, Kent.
Father* Pinden STEVENS (948) (b. 1769, )
Mother* Mary (--?--) (949)
Spouse* Anne HUNT (945)


Eight Known Children
F Eliza STEVENS (957)

Birth* __ ___ 1835 Ridley, Kent.
Baptism: 1 Feb 1835 Ridley, Kent.
M William STEVENS (947)
Birth* __ ___ 1837 Ridley, Kent.
Baptism: 2 Jul 1837 Rdley, Kent.
Marriage* __ ___ 1866 Jane (--?--) (962) (b. 1845, ); Dover, Kent.

Daughter: __ ___ 1867 Sarah STEVENS (963)
Son: __ ___ 1868 William STEVENS (964)
Son: __ ___ 1872 Henry STEVENS (965)
Son: __ ___ 1873 John STEVENS (966)
F Harriett STEVENS (955)

Birth* __ ___ 1838 Ridley, Kent.
Baptism: 28 May 1838 Ridley, Kent.
M Alfred STEVENS (960)
Birth* __ ___ 1839 Ridley, Kent.
Baptism: 2 Jul 1839 Ridley, Kent.
F Sarah STEVENS (231)

Birth* __ Apr 1842 Kent.
Baptism: 1 May 1842 Ridley, Kent.
Marriage* 1 Jan 1866 William JONES (230) (b. 1836, ), son of John JONES (946); The Parish Church, St James, Middlesex.
Daughter: 10 Dec 1866 Charlotte Amelia JONES (16); Portland Road, Kensignton, London.
Witness: 24 Feb 1867 Baptism; Charlotte Amelia JONES (16); St James, Middlesex.
Daughter: __ ___ 1869 Sarah E JONES (232); Notting Hill.
Daughter: __ ___ 1878 Harriet L JONES (233); Camden Town.
Son: __ Jan 1881 William J JONES (234); B Building, Islington.
M George STEVENS (956)
Birth* __ ___ 1844 Ridley, Kent.
Baptism: 21 Jan 1844 Ridley, Kent.
M Thomas STEVENS (958)

Birth* __ ___ 1846 Ridley, Kent.
Baptism: 8 Mar 1846 Ridley, Kent.
M Frederick STEVENS (959)

Birth* __ ___ 1848 Ridley, Kent.
Baptism: 24 Dec 1848 Ridley, Kent.

Now I have also found that a William Stevens married a Jane in Dover, Kent in 1865. So it could be that these two are the witnesses on Sarah Stevens wedding certificate in January 1866. There are no other William Stevens marrying a Jane in Kent from 1848 to 1868.

Following on from this I looked at the 1881 census for William Stevens and Jane. One couple came back as a great match. William uses Folkstone as a place of birth, which our Sarah Stevens does on the 1901 census. Their first child is named Sarah, maybe after his sister. He is a Horse keeper, as was our William Jones, who Sarah Stevens married. So I have strong convictions that they are ours.

William is head aged 46, Janes is 36, Sarah daughter 14, William son 13, Henry W Son 9, John Son 8, and Eliza Taylor niece 25 are shown on the return. This family were living at 3 Queen Street Lane, Dover St Mary Virgin, Kent. RG11 1003/21 36.

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